5 great uses for aloe vera

Aloe has become a staple of my daily skin and hair care regimen. For such a long time, I did not use aloe on my skin because I was worried that it would make my skin drier than it already was. Boy was I wrong.

Over the past year, I have incorporated aloe in so many ways that I would be at a loss if I were to stop using the plant.

Benefits of Aloe vera

  1. Aloe helps to soothe and smooth the skin after exposure harsh weather, sun and even to help heal acne. I find it best best if I use aloe as part of my evening routine or right after I come in from a day at the beach. In fact, I love a little mask with aloe, honey and a bit of my rose and camomile nourishing oil because it will help my skin to heal any issues and reduce inflammation. Plus it smells great.
  2. Use aloe as a brow gel. Yes, I put that right out there, I have very long brows and I really do need to set them with a gel. Aloe is perfect to use in my hair as a gel, but also on my eyebrows to set them as well. Plus it’s natural, so there is no need to worry about excess chemicals on the face.
  3. Use aloe as a serum for a little extra boost. If you find that your skin leans to the left or right of oily or dry, try a little aloe as a serum. You can add it to you face cream or just put it directly on your skin so that it can sink in. It’s all about balancing your skin’s ph and aloe does a great job of doing just that.
  4. Of course you can use aloe for burns and excess sun exposure. Recently, we went on vacation to Hawaii. I used aloe and my rose hip and pomegranate oil serum to sooth my skin and avoid dark spots from over sunning.
  5. Aloe is a great reducer of inflammation. Put it on wounds. If you have a break out aloe can help to heal your skin. I know I said this in tip one, but I want to call it out as it’s own tip. Aloe is excellent for cleansing and balancing your skin. When it comes to wounds, it’s especially good at healing all types of skin irritation.



How to add more aloe vera into your regimen

  1. Hair: I love aloe as a gel. For hair I use aloe vera gel. The aloe goes in my hair after my leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t fight with the formula of the conditioner so there’s no white flaky stuff.
  2. Lotion: Try adding aloe to your lotion. Especially your face lotion. If you are afraid to add aloe directly to your skin, just add a little bit to your lotion to give it a boost. Another method would be to create a little lotion in the palm of your hand by adding equal amounts of aloe vera, your favorite serum and a spritz of water then mixing them in your hands.
  3. Toner: Use aloe as your toner by applying it directly onto your skin. Then add oils or creams right on top of the aloe for the best results.

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