Hi, I’m Cherish and I believe that every person should have their best skin, all of the time.

Cherish Me Beautiful is a small-batch, artisan line of skin care products crafted by hand. My products do not contain synthetic fillers, parabens, pthalates or chemicals that will leach the moisture from your skin.

A little bit about me

Cherish Me Beautiful evolved over time. It honestly didn’t start as a company. I started because I had transitioned to wearing my hair curly. Before that, I had natural hair (no straightening, perming or coloring with chemicals) but never knew how to style it or make the curls pop on their own. After starting to wear my natural curls, I started to experiment with various oils, herbs and butters mostly because I like to tinker. I like the art of figuring things out, then when they work, teaching others. Each month I experimented with different herbs, oils and butters, just to learn what they can do and how they work in my hair and on my body.

One day, at work I noticed my friend Christina’s fingers were covered in hard dry skin. Eczema was the cause, and in my ignorance, I didn’t know that it could look raw and so angry. After seeing her skin’s condition I went home and made my first body butter. It was orange, lol!  There were little hard bits mixed in and some of the oil was seeping out of the butter, but here’s the thing, it worked. Within two days Christina’s skin was completely healed. No pain, no scars and she could wear her wedding rings again.

I was hooked.

Since then I’ve kept the basic foundation that my products should heal and nourish the skin. I have developed a passion for teaching people about how to take care of their skin with gentle hands and none irritating products. I love when I speak to someone that has been using Cherish Me Beautiful products and they tell me that their skin has gotten better since they started using my products.


Ingredients are my favorite part. I source fresh herbs for healing and to reduce inflammation. In fact, every bottle of lotion is infused with chamomile, calendula and marshmallow root to heal and soothe the skin. In addition my rose and lavender creams and lotions are infused with, you guessed it, rose and lavender.

I source oils and butters that feed the skin. Oils provide nourishing vitamins while butters soften and protect the skin from the environment. I test my products on myself and my friends, mostly because my friends steal them from me, lol.

10 Fun facts about me

  1. My favorite color is pink. I love bright colors, my only dark colored clothes are for working out.
  2. My husband and I met on the internet before those sites we met with chatting with the thing.
  3. I graduated from design school, art school and business school. I’ve gone to a lot of school, lol.
  4. I love cats, am afraid of dogs even though I think they are cute.
  5. Yes, Cherish is my real name :-).
  6. I love big curly hair and have been wearing my natural hair since 2012.
  7. I love to drive around my neighborhood and listen to audiobooks. Sometimes I’ll drive in circles for an hour.
  8. Totally Team Edward.
  9. I do not drink or smoke, I am already too much fun.
  10. Addicted to Project Runway.

Apricot and Lavender Body Cream

Grapefruit and Rose Body Cream