Beautiful feet – A recipe for soft and smooth feet

It’s super simple but so effective. Foot soak are great for the feet. They help us to soften the skin so that we can smooth and soften the hard rough and thick skin that can form on our feet.

When I have a great at home spa day, this is the recipe that helps me to pamper my feet with kindness.


  1. Fill the basin about half way // I like to warm some of the water then pour that into a basin with cooler water. That way you get hotish water for soaking
  2. 1 cup // Epsom salt
  3. 1 tbsp // Castille soap
  4. 5 drops // Lavender essential oil (you can add more)
  5. 1 tbsp // Avocado oil (optional, I just like it because it makes my skin extra smooth, but you have to be careful stepping out of the tub)
  6. 1 capful // Apple cider vinegar


  1. Fill the tub with water, it should be hotish, not boiling, just hot enough so that you can insert your feet without scalding yourself
  2. Add the epsom salt and mix around, it will not dissolve all of the way. Next the castle soap and apple cider vinegar. Last the lavender essential oil and avocado oil. I like the lavender because it’s calming and improves upon the vinegar smell.


  • A basin or tub for the foot bath
  • Measuring tools

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