Benefits of Roses for happy and healthy skin

Rose is my go to herb for soothing and healing my skin when I have a serious breakout.

A little basic information about the herb

My Great Aunt had 3 rose bushes along her front walk and we were never allowed to touch them. Probably because of the thorns but hey, we were kids and they smelled amazing. My mother would never smell the roses because she is allergic and I simply love them for all things skincare.

The Latin name for the Rose is, Rosa, and the flower is known for its distinct rose scent. There are more than a hundred species of roses and thousands of hybrid roses, FrankenRose!

One of the more interesting things about Roses is that the many types and parts of the flower that are beneficial to the skin. I’m not going to list them all out, lol, cause that would be a long, long blog post.

Benefits for skin

rose-spoon-blgRoses are excellent for aging or damaged skin.  The Rose hip is chock full of Vitamin C, which is great for breaking down dark spots, improving cellular turnover and soothing dry and damaged Skin.

Roses can be infused into water and oil so that the Vitamin C contained within can help to soothe and smooth the skin after exposure to harsh environments, sunburn or even to help heal acne.



Benefits for skin

Reduces inflammation, reduces Acne, helps to treat skin redness including burns, eczema and psoriasis

Tips to add roses into your life

  1. Bath: I love adding whole milk, rose petals and a little bit of oil to my bath for a relaxing bath time experience
  2. Lotion: I infuse roses into the Cherish Me Beautiful Nourishing Body oil, the Grapefruit and Rose Body Cream (which is amazing for the face), my Apricot Lavender body cream and Pomegranate facial serum.
  3. Toner: Create rose toner, with an infusion of rose petals into aloe or witch hazel to soothe and tone your skin.

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