But why should I use a nourishing oil

tame dry skin by adding a nourishing body oil

Oils are amazing for ensuring that skin receives the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay pliant, balanced and moisturized. Though we have loads of options when it comes to oils, why we should apply them to the skin can be a bit of a head scratcher.

How they work: Using oil on the skin is like adding a protective bubble all over the skin. Oils help your skin stay hydrated while protecting it from environmental stress, aggravation from cleansing or scrubbing and fluctuating temperatures. Oils are naturally high in skin loving essential fatty acids that our skin does not produce on it’s own. 

Who should apply: If you have dry, combination or oily skin applying the proper oil can help to calm your skin while not breaking you out. The key to choosing the right oil is knowing your skin.

Oily skin: People with oily skin should definitely use oils to augment their face and body skincare regimen. Using oils does not mean that you will become more oily. In fact, oils can help to balance the body’s need to create more sebum (our body’s natural oil) when we over cleanse or scrub, which can aggravate the skin and cause an overproduction of oil.

Oily skin tip: Add a few drops of nutrient oil to your face and body wash to make the cleanser less irritating. Follow with a few drops on slightly damp skin to balance your skin.

Dry skin: Dry skin people should run, don’t walk to oils and add them to their skincare regimen daily. Adding oil to dry skin can help even texture and lock much needed moisture and good fatty acids into the skin.

Dry skin tip: Mix a few drops of oil in with your foundation to give your skin a healthy glow

How to apply: The good thing about oils is that they can and should be applied morning and night. Best to apply a few drops on slightly damp skin. If you use a serum, the oil should be applied after the serum, as you do not want to dilute the serum.

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