Every day skincare: Shaving legs

Shaving your legs can be a harrowing experience. Razor burn and outright cuts are painful and unsightly. While we can not eliminate cuts and razor burn all together, we can limit the damage.

Shaving tips and techniques for women

1. Exfoliate: Legs can have as much dead skin as the face. Before shaving exfoliate with a scrub, especially a scrub with an oil base. The scrub will remove the dead skin and the oil will serve to help the razor blade slide over your skin easily.

2. Go with the grain, hair grows in a specific direction, going with the grain will allow for a smoother finish

3. Don’t press the razor into the skin. The razor is sharp and made to cut the hair away as it travels over the surface of the skin

3. Don’t let you razor get too old. Most women use a disposable razor. By that rationale, it should be replaced frequently. If you are keeping it over a period of time, make sure that the razor is cleaned properly between uses.

4. Cleanse with a gentle wash, something with tea tree, honey or aloe vera to naturally cleanse and and soothe the skin. Razor burns happen, it’s best to treat them quickly and efficiently. Rinse with cool water.

5. Pat your skin dry, do not rub.

6. Use a soothing skin balm or lotion to ensure that your skin gets the healing moisture it needs.

Happy shaving!!

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