Five skin care tips for Moms on the go

Being a Mom takes most of your time and, unless you have a great support system, any me-time as well. My friends all have kids and the most common questions that they ask me for skin care tips that will help their skin and make their lives a little bit easier.

The number one tip is always to drink water, that said, sometimes Moms just don’t have time to go to the bathroom all day, lol. Here a few other tips to help develop a quick and easy skin care routine, especially if you are short on time.

Masks are your friend

Even if you do not have time to brush your hair, you can pop on a mask. Clay, sheet and essence rich masks are essential to quick and simple skin care routines. Clay masks can be used like a regular cleanser. Simply to apply the mask to your skin like a cleanser, smooth in circles on the skin and neck, then wash off.

To deep cleanse, let the mask sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes to help to extract deeper debris and exfoliate dead cells from the pores. Yuk, lol.

Sheet masks: Sheet masks take about 20 min from start to finish. You just wash your face and apply the mask. Twenty minutes later you’ve infused your skin with nutrients that it can miss when you are chasing the children all day. I like to put them on then hop in the shower. They get super slippy, but I get what I need.

Sleep for your skin

Sleep is probably the most important part of a great skin care routine. Did you know the body rejuvenates and revives itself between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am. Yes, I know this time frame is prime baby time, but hear me out. When they get bigger and sleep on more of a schedule, take advantage and get your sleep too. Optimal sleep time: 6 to 8 hours

Cleanse well to decrease pore size and brighten the skin

Most people simply splash water on their faces or quickly rub in a little soap till it bubbles, then rinse and move on. Unlike the examples in beauty commercials where they just splash water and cleanser on to the face, you need to massage your cleanser into your skin in circular motions, especially where you have more congestion. Massaging in circles, clears the debris that gets stuck around the tiny hairs on your face.

Stay away from harsh cleansers. It’s more about technique, less about stripping your skin of it’s natural oils.


This is probably the easiest step because you can apply a thick moisturizer that’s designed to sink in over time. Use a sheet mask to increase hydration or use your regular moisturizer. Again, it’s more about your technique than the product. I’ve learned to apply a generous amount and massage it in well, drawing my skin upward along the path of the facial muscles to keep my skin moisturized and taught.

Wear your sunblock, and put some on the kids too

Ok, I’m going to be super realistic. For some women, motherhood is super simple and easy and for others it’s just not. Your not going to remember to moisturize or massage your face, or to drink water. But if you do one thing, wear that sunblock, daily. The sun beats down on your skin daily, creates brown spots and makes the tone uneven. The biggest problem is that it all shows up later.

Your skin may “love the sun” but while it’s in love, it’s tearing it down. So, where a hat, or wear sunglasses, stand in the shade and put on your sunblock. It only takes a minute but your skin will thank you later.

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