Healthy life tips: Create a habit, workout at the same time everyday

Yup, I am talking about working out. No matter what you do, plan it, schedule it, and start at the same time every day. This way it’s a habit. There is no doubt in your schedule by yourself or others. You are simply there and ready to go. I’ve recently started waking at 5:45 am to get my workout done.
Frankly, anything with a 5 and an am in the time is WAY TO EARLY in the morning but here are the benefits.
  • My workout for the day is done. I don’t have to worry about being tired after work or finding time. And if I want to get an extra workout done in the evening, like Pilates, Yoga or something else, then great. I can plan for more if I need to.
  • I am more likely to meet my goals. That morning first thing workout can be difficult but here is the thing. If I do it first, I am more likely to be consistent. My attention span is like a squirrel. I might say that I am going to workout at 2:00 but then something else catches my attention and I am off on that tangent.
  • I get to work on time and ready to go. I’ve been up for a while by the time I sit at my desk and my brain is ready to do some damage. I walk in like, “what’s up succas” instead of needing a pick me up to get going.
  • I am more likely to stay away from sweets in the morning. I’ve already eaten. I usually grab an apple and a water on my way to the gym. That’s enough till I get back and have some breakfast.
I’ve noticed that when I get the workouts done in the morning. I’m not anxious about when I can fit one in or forget to workout in favor of getting the other things that I have to do for the day done. That part of my day, no matter what else I am doing, is done.
I hope this helps you get moving 🙂
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