How Eucalyptus can help you during cold and flu season

My mother has always been a bit of a natural girl, and early on she taught me and my siblings the benefits of Eucalyptus. We used it especially when we had colds or were stuffy. She added it to sachets so that we could put the herb in a drawer, the shower or next to our beds during winter. I think she may have even added a few drops to the washing to freshen our clothing.

She used eucalyptus so much because;
  • opens the lungs
  • is antiseptic, so it helps to kill bacteria
  • is decongestant
  • eases coughing
  • removes stains from clothing
  • aids in the treatment of burns and blisters
  • relaxes sore muscles

Where to buy Eucalyptus leaves?
  • Farmer’s market, trader joes, local grocery store. Pretty much everywhere. it can come in long and short leafed varieties so ask if you do not recognize the plant.
How to handle
  • Handling the raw herb is very simple, but I suggest gloves or a barrier between you and the plant.
  • When you use the herb or essential oil make sure to dilute so that receive the benefits without causing irritation.

I have handled eucalyptus with my bare hands, lol, look at all the photos on this blog post, but I must admit that the oils on the leaves irritate my skin when handling the herb without gloves. For this post I handled the raw herbs without gloves and I must admit, I had to wash my arms and hands well after shooting the images. I have sensitive skin and I felt a bit itchy and tingly after touching them without gloves. I did not touch them for too long, but I want to give you an honest view of irritation that herbs can cause.

I have handled eucalyptus with my bare hands, lol, look at all the photos on this blog post, but I must admit that the oils on the leaves irritate the skin when handling the herb without gloves. Click To Tweet
Tools to use Eucalyptus in your home
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Cloth bags
  • Water
  • A non-reactive utensils and containers
Eucalyptus in your regimen
  • For the shower: Hang fresh Eucalyptus from the shower rod or right where the water comes out. It’s pretty and, it will really open your sinuses.
  • In the bath: Add 2 drops to bath water, I really really mean one or two. As I said earlier, eucalyptus can irritate the skin. Don’t go overboard. If you want to add more oil, add Jojoba, Almond or an oil mix to soften your skin.
  • In a bowl: Add leaves to a bowl of hot water. I made a hot water for tea then added it a bowl of fresh eucalyptus, it immediately freshens the air.
  • I have even used very small amounts of it in an oil serum to prevent acne

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