How to keep your skin fresh when you travel

Travel is hard on the skin. Whether you travel by air, car or foot you are exposing your skin to new environments that may cause stress and dehydration.

Not to worry, below are a few simple tips to help keep your skin fresh when you travel.

Before you travel

  1. Drink your water. Hydrate your body like you would hydrate your hair if you were going to have something really harsh done to it. Do not go to the airport dehydrated.
  2. Double up: Oil and lotion. I know this may seem heavy, but again you are prepping your skin for dry air, then a change in temperature and air quality.
  3. Pack well. Make sure that you pack your normal skincare items. If you have a face mist, cream and toner combination that you love, now is not the time to try out the hotel stuff. Make sure that you bring your own face and body wash as well as any lotion, toner and premoistened cleansing cloths.
  4. Get some sleep. Just leaving the house can be stressful. But if you are traveling early make sure to get packed and in bed at a reasonable time.

During the flight

  1. Drink up buttercup. I usually buy a liter of water and drink the entire thing on my flight. Yes, I buy the water at the airport, yes, it’s super expensive, but it is more important to stay hydrated in flight. Plus it tastes better than plane water (which comes in a can), eu. lol.
  2. Don’t wear make up. The make up is going to be gross and greasy or dry and flaky depending upon your skin’s reaction to the plane or your destination’s climate. It’s totally ok to scare the other passengers, lol. Be you!
  3. Moisturize. Apply lip balm and/or a lip butter, and feel free to spritz a little bit of facial mist to give your skin a moisture boost. Seal with Cream if you need to do so.  Mist your face and hands, balm and butter your lips, then add little face cream and you are good to go.

After the flight

  1.  If you didn’t mist, now is a good time to freshen up. Do a gentle cleanse and reapply your skincare. Yup, do it again. Pack so that you can get at your oils, serums and face cream. You and your skin are depleted after the flight, so it’s time to reapply the good stuff. When I am traveling for business, I try to arrive a bit early to freshen up or I do so in the last 20 min of plane flight. Heck, Victoria Beckham makes a wardrobe change and does a full face of make up before she gets off of the plane. I learned from the best, lol.
  2. Drink water throughout the day. There is something about a plane that dries me out and puffs me up. When I intake my water, I’m less swollen and far more comfortable in my own skin.
  3. Now you can put your makeup on, lol.

Happy flying!!

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