I cheated!! 6 ways to drink more water :-)

6 Ways to drink more water

I cheated!! 6 ways to drink more water 🙂

I promise you, I am not afraid of water. In fact, I like water a lot and drink it constantly. That said, let’s face it, sometimes one just does not get enough water in. Folks just forget, I know that I do. So I’ve listed my cheats below.

Cheat Sheet for drinking more water 🙂

Use Super Large cups

  • This tip is simple, drink your water out of a HUGE cup
  • One of my best tricks for a great water intake is huge drinking vessels. Huge!! My current cup is 32 oz and his name is bubba, lol. I can normally drink one by lunch, another by by mid day and a final one on the way home. That’s a lot of water, but my skin loves it!
Electrolyte waters
  • Make your own electrolyte waters. This tip is my baby boo!!
  • Let’s face it, water is boring sometimes. I like water, have no problem drinking it, but it can be boring and tasteless, unless you buy some special and expensive water from the million year old iceberg, you have to deal with the regular filtered stuff like I do.
  • Making your own electrolyte water is like a mimosa without the booze. Basically you are infusing your water with the lovely taste of your favorite fruits. I have found that anything with strawberry is my absolute favorite and the flavor lasts all day. Just refill, wait for the fruit to infuse, then drink. When drinking infused waters I tend to get that 3rd 32 oz cup in with no problem.
  • Must use a straw, lol
Opt for Pretty Cups
  • Ok, pretty cups hold a lot less than bubba, but they are soo cute. They match your style of the day and because they are smaller, you get more exercise walking to grab another cup of water. I love the ones that come with a straw especially when I am in the office. This way I get loads of compliments and exercise while I get my water in.
Start super early
  • Make your first drink water. Right when you get up in the morning head to the kitchen and wet your whistle. It will keep things moving along and you’ll have 8 oz done first thing in the morning.
  • One of my favorite morning drinks is warm water with honey and lemon
Use a straw!!
  • I have no idea why, but when I drink water with a straw I drink more. So get yourself some pretty straws and have at it. You will drink more water and you will enjoy the experience.
Just drink it 
  • This is the easiest one. Just get a cup and keep filling it with water. At restaurants order water and keep letting them fill the glass. Make water a easy by always drinking it when you can.

Happy water drinking 🙂

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