Kitchen products that make you gorgeous!

turmeric, cinnamon and cilantro will make your skin glow.

So here is the thing. A lot of us have tons of products that we bring into the home to supplement our skincare morning and nighttime skincare regimen. If you turn the bottle over and look at the ingredients in those products, you will notice that, a lot of the ingredients in your products are probably already in your kitchen.

Yup, in the kitchen, where we hide the food, lol.

Ok, seriously though. Your skin needs most of the same nutrition as your body. Good fats, vitamins, minerals, acids and sugars. Sounds like the start of a really good meal, right. In fact, your skin looks and feels its best when you’ve had a balanced diet of fats, vitamins, minerals acids and sugars. Ok, maybe not the sugar, but you know where I’m going here.

If you turn the bottle over and look at the ingredients in those products, you will notice that, a lot of the ingredients in the products that you use are probably already in your kitchen. Yup, in the kitchen, where we hide the food,… Click To Tweet

Where to find great skincare in your kitchen

The spice drawer is an awesome place to find great skincare. You can use so many ingredients in your spice drawer to augment a mask, exfoliate and add minerals to your skin.

  • Turmeric reduces inflammation, brightens and tones the skin
  • Nutmeg heals acne by reducing inflammation. Excellent manual exfoliator.
  • Salt has minerals that are great for baths and foot soaks and even scrubs. A little salt and a few drops of essential oil and bam, you’ve got a bath soak.
  • Cinnamon increases circulation, use sparingly. Cinnamon is great in a scrub. It increases circulation but should be used sparingly as it can be irritating.
  • Basil, Cilantro, Mint are amazing cleansers and toners.
  • Sugar is not only a great exfoliator but it it has natural humectants that draw moisture into your skin.

Cilantro is an amazing skin cleanser

Fruits and pantry items are probably the most amazing home ingredients for skincare. Bananas and Avocados are going to nourish feed your skin, while lemon, papaya and acai have enzymes and AHAs better known as alpha hydroxy acids, that help with cell renewal. Not to mention that the antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and the stress of day to day living on the body.

  • Banana is amazing for healing dry skin. Smash, half of a banana with honey and milk to exfoliate dry skin and to help to moisturize, lighten and balance your overworked skin.
  • Lemon is great for lightening dark spots. Lemon is highly acidic so be careful. You can add it to a body scrub to help lighten dark spots or apply directly to the elbows and knees to brighten hard to exfoliate areas.
  • Papaya is a powerful exfoliator and dark spot fixer. You can apply it directly to your skin as a mask or mix it in with a scrub like the lemon.
  • Honey is the kitchen item that I use the most. I use it plain, with yogurt, a banana, aloe vera and even mix it in with my masks. Honey is a great carrier for  masks as it naturally fights bacteria and practically stays fresh forever.
  • Avocados are a “good fat” for your belly, and they are a good fat for your face. I haven’t done this much, but I mix an avocado with a banana and make a mean face mask. It soothes the skin and, especially in the winter months, eliminates dryness that comes from dryer climates.

Good fats for cooking. There are many many oils that are amazing for your skin. I love pomegranate, baobab, jojoba, and castor oil, but I’m not likely to have them in my kitchen. What I have right now is, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and sesame seed oil. Any or all of them can be used to make food and scrubs, masks, and serums.

  • I tried to love coconut oil on my skin but really, I just like it in my hair. It makes my hair shiny and super nourished. I don’t even have to use a lot. I just use a about a quarter sized amount in my hair right after a shower and it’s amazing. I love to use it during the summer when it’s so hot outside the my coconut oil is liquid all of the time. Other times of the year you’ll have to warm it up by submerging the bottle in warm water or just warm it in your hands. I do not use the same oils on my skin and body that I actually use to cook with. I buy doubles and I use kitchen for kitchen and body for body. Click To Tweet
  • Raw olive oil is an excellent moisturizer. Yes, it smells like olive oil, so you have to get over that, but in a pinch, it’s a great after shower serum, hair or body oil. In fact, when I didn’t know anything about oils, I used olive oil for practically all of my formulas. If you really do not like the olive oil smell, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you’ll have a great smelling body oil.




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