Let’s get physical!!

Who says you can’t be super cute when you work out. I would never say that, lol. Part of a good workout is that moment afterward when you do the mirror check to make sure that your super cuteness is still in check. Why not plan out the cutest outfit in the world to make sure that said super cuteness is guaranteed!!

Luckily work out gear is so cute that you just need put together the perfect outfit.  1/Asics Kayano hot pink yellow running sneakers, and my favorite type of workout pants 2/Champion Double dry fitted knee tights. Don’t forget up top with this totally cute 3/Just don’t quit pink tank and 4/Michi racer back sports bra, 5/Reebok chronograph watch and 6/Ray-Ban sunglasses. Don’t forget your water!! There are so many options for water drinking that you can match them to your clothes. Grab a 7/Full circle glass wherever lemon water on-the-go water bottle. And of course, a little 8/Nourishing Body Oil Enriched with Rose, Camomile & Calendula to refresh your skin after working out.

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