Let’s party!! Beauty tips for the party season

Holiday gatherings are brilliant! Family and friends are happy and joyful and there are presents!! Let’s face it, sometimes parties can extend into the night (and early morning) on a regular basis. While these events are wonderful, over time they can reek havoc on your skin leaving it dry and irritated. It’s time to take steps to bolster your ability to keep you skin supple, smooth and soft.

Get some sleep!!

We all know that the weekend is prime party time and if you are a night owl like me, one day up late at the start of the weekend means that the trend will continue for the whole weekend. One of the best things that you can do is get your sleep. Sleeping is when the body refreshes and rejuvenates.

Drink loads of water

During the summer we are all so focused on drinking our water because we are so obviously thirsty. In winter, we are not excessively hot, so we think we are not in need of water. The truth is that winter air is dryer and your body looses much needed moisture as the day runs on. Before you start to experience days where your skin feels leathery and dry, drink your water to keep yourself hydrated.

The truth is that winter air is dryer and your body looses much needed moisture as the day runs on. Click To Tweet

In addition to that there is alcohol from partying which is hard on the system. Your body needs more fluid to help stay hydrated and to help filter out the toxins from, ahem, indulging. So drink up to keep moving the right direction. Wink Wink. Cheats for drinking more water.

Wash your face when you walk into the door

I don’t mean, when you get back from the party, I mean when you walk into your house. Letting the make up and party debris sit on your skin can lead to it staying on your face until the next day. Eu.

Try oil cleansing, which is going to melt away all of the make up. Even the tough stuff, like mascara. And remember to test your skin with a clean towel. Like a white glove test for your face. Make sure your skin is clean to avoid break outs and congestion.

Consume good fats

  • Avocado, flax seed and olive oil are my go to fats when I’m trying to ensure that my body has the fats it needs to make my skin glow.
  • Avocado: Go super simple, just add a little avocado to a piece of toast and smash with a fork. And of course the
  • Flaxseed: Put it in your smoothie, I like add cap full of flax seed to my smoothie. You can’t even taste the flaxseed, yum!
  • Olive oil: It’s good both raw and cooked. Cook with it or put raw oil on your salad and add lemon and salt and pepper.

Helpful hint, each one of these oils can be used on your skin as well.

Party on!!


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