My skin went crazy this week, what I did to get back on track

Overall my skin is dry but clear. When I have out of control moments with loads of breakouts I take action. No, I do not find the nearest product to dry out the pimples. My goal when I have out of control skin is to heal and detoxify and reduce inflammation and infection.

Wait, let’s take a second to think about this. You are probably wondering why I am talking about infection and inflammation. Well, what are the signs of an infection? Swelling, redness, sometimes puss. Basically, your body trying to fight an invader only it’s on your face.  When there is an infection on another part of your skin, say your arm, you do not try to dry it out, right? No, your goal is to heal the infection. That is how we need to treat pimples, not as something to be dried out but as what they are, inflammation, infection and toxicity.

Whew, that was a long diatribe. lol

With that said, here are the three things that I did to get my skin on track.

1. I drank loads of water. I know this is not a topical cure but water is so important to the detoxification process. In fact, when my skin is dry and lusterless, I can normally equate that to the week when I haven’t been drinking my water. When my skin is out of control, I definitely get back on my water game.

spot treatment, use mud masks to reduce inflammation and draw out impurities

2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. When I say cleanse, I don’t mean scrub till red. I mean gently cleanse the skin but make sure that all of the areas with issues are cleansed properly. When I have my bad break out times I can also point to cleansing that wasn’t up to par. In this case, I tried a new sunblock that was a lot thicker than what I had used in the past. Concurrently my cleansing needed to account for the fact that I put more dense materials on my skin.

3. Face mask every day. I usually have two types of masks in play. The first is a nursing honey mask and the second is a dry mask made to draw toxins out of the skin. Both masks reduce inflammation and help with the healing process.

  • The honey mask acts as a humectant (drawing moisture into the skin) and is antibacterialspot treatment, use mud masks to reduce inflammation and draw out impurities
  • The dry mask draws out toxins and encourages cell reproduction. You can do a full face or spot treatments on problem areas.
  • Make sure that Vitamin C is part of the regimen. I love a good mask and adding Vitamin C to my mask, not only helps my skin stay bright but it helps the cells turn over and does not leave my skin with scars from the breakouts.

Is doing all of this work going to stop you from ever having a break out again? No, it’s not, it’s going to help you to resolve the problems that you have. The best skincare is consistent skincare. Do what you do on a consistent basis and you will achieve great results.

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