Oil Cleansing, Yay or Nay?

Oil Cleansing, Yay or nay

Oil cleansing seems to be a buzz word used lately, but does it really work?

Yes, it does! How many times have you scrubbed your face till it was red and irritated to get make up off? Or used one of those cleansing pads which get a lot off by you need just a little more effort to get the rest of the make up off. Cleansing with oil helps to calmly remove make up and dirt from the skin without harsh scrubbing. Because most make up is made with oil, the oils used for cleansing help to break up the make up.

I tend to oil cleanse at night only, this way my skin is clean and moisturized well in the evening when I tend to lose moisture.

On days that I wear a lot of make up, I still use a light cleanser after oil cleansing. Particularly on days where I wear a lot of make up I feel that I need to use a light cleanser to remove the oil and make up from my face. Keep in mind, oil cleansing simply breaks up the dirt, it doesn’t wash it off. You still need to rinse or use a cleanser to remove the loosened up matter.

The following are the tools and steps to help you tackle your first oil cleansing. Making this part of your regimen will help keep your skin clean and clear while improving your skin’s texture over time.

What do you need?

  1. Clean wash cloth
    – Use a fresh towel every time you wash your face
    – Refrain from using the same towel that you have used on your body on your face
  2. Oil of your preference
    – Popular oils include, coconut oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil. I use one of my oil mixes which adds nutrients helpful fatty acids to my oil cleansing
  3. Water

How do you cleanse with oil?

  1. Saturate a fresh wash cloth with warm water (NOT HOT, using water that is too hot can damage your skin)
    – Ring out excess water
  2. Hold wash cloth too your face but do not scrub. Just let the steam soften your skin (I like to repeat 3 times to make sure that my skin is nicely steamed)
  3. Squeeze a dime sized amount of oil into your palm, then use your fingers to rub the oil onto your skin
    – Concentrate the oil on spots where you have applied make up, sweated a lot or have a particular area that you want to break up debris
  4. You can finish by using your damp cloth (I like to use a fresh one) to rinse your face
  5. Continue with your normal face moisturizing and or cleansing routine

Happy Cleansing 🙂

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