Relieve stress for better skin

Let’s face it, stress is hard on the body overall, and it shows up on our skin. When it comes to our skin, we break out and are more likely to pick at the inflamed spots both consciously and unconsciously.

It’s a vicious cycle. This year, I made a promise to myself that I would not pick at my skin. Picking is not great for the skin because it can cause scars, dark spots and inconsistent texture, plus, no matter how many times you’ve cleaned hour hands, there is always bacteria there that can cause infection.

Since making the promise not to pick, I have realized that one of the reasons that I pick, is stress. I get stressed out and any blemish becomes fair game, which makes it hard to stop.

5 strategies to relieve stress and anxiety

  1. Remove yourself from the situation for 10 minutes. Stepping away from the issue for 10 min or so will take you out of the moment and put you into planning mode. There is no need to sit there and stew in the moment, you’ll just be more stressed about the situation. Stepping away will allow you the time to think and to realize that there are more alternatives to resolve the problem.
  2. Give yourself a little massage. Yes, I said yourself and I said massage, lol. I love a facial massage. I do it practically every night before bed. Completing a facial massage chills me out and helps my skin because I use a nourishing oil to complete the massage. It takes just a few minutes, it’s part of my nightly skincare regimen and it make say skin soft, toned and lovely.
  3. Plan well. I read a blog post on recently, that turned on a light bulb in my head. Mattie said to “Stop Making Real-Time decisions”. At first, I was like, “say what?!”. But she had a point. I seem to procrastinate about loads of things that do not need to be held up. What I need to do is figure out my most important tasks and pre-plan them or get them done first. So, if there is a report that I need to submit, paying a bill or talking to someone, I need to plan my tasks for the day and get them done early enough so that I can move on to other things.
  4. Eat and drink the right foods. I’m not going to lie, this one is hard for me. When I am stressed out, I want ice cream and a cheeseburger. But, stress is a time when our bodies need good food and drink. Go for water, a nutrient shake or even a nice chamomile tea to drink and a salad to eat. The salad will make you chew longer and you will feel more satisfied, while the beverage will calm you down and boost your immune system.
  5. Ask for help. Again, a hard one. My personality is one where I like to get things done and I don’t like a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Sometimes, you need the expertise of others. When I ask for help I might learn that I’m not the only one going through a situation. Or, that there is a system in place that will help me.

I hope these strategies help you to relieve stress.


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