Stress relief with a sense of humor

Stress is a part of life. it’s one of those things that manifests in many ways. Personally, stress can be about pending projects that hang over my head, family, finances, etc. Sometimes, I even get stressed just because I haven’t had me time.

When stress happens I tend to stay up late and worry. Losing sleep, not eating well and not getting the exercise that I need to calm down. To catch up on pending projects, I get up super early and go into a burst of activity that allows me catch up but often that leaves me with the other things that are not so easy to resolve. Understanding roadblocks and figuring out next steps is great but what about those times when stress is not easily resolved.

  • When I want to clear my head, I:
    • like to drive around, yup. I just drive for an hour or so, which helps me to relax. My head feels clearer and I get some me time without interruptions. I’ll also go to the park or to the beach and just chill for a moment. If you don’t like to drive, I suggest finding something that you do like to do. It may be going to Starbucks for a coffee at one of their tables, that does nothing for me, but it might be what you need to wind down and clear your head before going on to other things.
    • watch The Rock work out. I’m just sayin, it’s a good thing. He’s funny and well, I’ve never seen someone workout their neck. So yeah, easy on the eyes and neck workout. LOL
    • listen to a book, while washing dishes. Nobody wants to bug you while you are washing dishes. It’s the best time to listen to a book and get lost in a story.
    • sit in the car for 5 minutes before going into the house. Yes, we are back in the car, but really, if you can send others into the house, send them and take 5 minutes to yourself.
    • drop off everyone else at their location and go back home. If I am not in a good mood, I do not force myself to be and I don’t torture others with my mood.
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