The benefits of powdered face masks

Dry Masks are fresh and simple to prepare

I love a good face mask. Whether they are made from bentonite, french or pink clay, they help the skin by drawing out toxins and adding in minerals. Applying a mask to your skin for about 15 minutes once per week will help to detoxify, clarify, nourish, brighten and decongest your skin.

Finding a mask that is nourishing and that meets the needs of your skin is important as the affect of an individual mask can be targeted to help normal, combination, oily or dry skin.

Pros for a dry mask

  • No preservatives, every time you use the mask it is fresh
  • No dilution of the product. You mix the mask yourself, so it can be as loose or thick as you like
  • No excess chemicals
  • DryMask-046Longer shelf life. Believe it or not a powdered face mask can sit unused for over a year. Until you add liquid to it there is no degradation of the product
  • One can add the right liquid to the mask to suit their skin. Adding honey and coconut milk may be more soothing to a person with dry skin while adding papaya or orange juice can suit a person with oily or combination skin.

Cons for a dry mask

  • One has to look at the ingredients used to create the mask. If one has oily skin or sensitive skin, specific clays will garner better results or may irritate your skin. To be safe perform a patch test on your arm or hand. This way you can test the mask to see if it works, and you will know up front if the mask irritates your skin.
  • Mixing your own mask may be intimidating. Look for masks great instructions from the vendor that help you make the right mixing choices.
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